Welcome to Circuits and Parts! This site is under reconstruction and is being hand coded. It's a part-time effort, so please bear with us. The new site will be fully developed by the end of this winter.

The philosophy of doing business has changed. Only what we have "On Hand" will be listed in bordered tables. When the count reaches zero for any item; it will be removed from the listing, unless it's going to be replaced. We accept "Wish Lists"... but we make no guarantees on these.

Payment is by PayPal invoice only. We will not be using a shopping cart anymore. No sale will be made without a check on physical inventory first. This is part of our new philosophy, to ensure product fulfillments.

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NTE/ECG Replacement Semiconductors

PRB Belts & EVG Needles

OEM Microprocessors

OEM Eproms

Crystal Radio Parts & Plans